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Company Law and Commercial Contracts 
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Contract law
Inheritance Law
Labour and Social security law



Company Law and Commercial Contracts

“Kupenov” law office provides the following Company Law and Commercial Contracts services to our clients:

 Structuring and incorporating companies - private and public, unlimited and limited, setting up of partnerships and cooperations, establishment of branch and representative offices, setting up of non-profit organizations, etc. 

 Advising on articles of association, shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, framework and operating agreements, management agreements, rules of internal procedures, etc.;

 Capital and equity structuring, changes in capital size and structure;

 Obtaining necessary administrative approvals, registrations and licenses depending on the particular industries;

 Advising on corporate governance structures, supervisory and management bodies, executive and supervisory directors’ rights and duties, liability of management and supervisory board members, independent directors, conflicts of interest, etc.;

 Setting up joint ventures, corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, demergers, spin-offs and other business combinations and corporate reorganizations;

 Preparation of legal documents and advising in relation to holding of shareholders’ general meetings, management and supervisory board meetings, proxy instruments, etc.;

 Drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts;

 Advising on all issues and preparation of all documents related to the commercial register;



Family Law

“Kupenov” law office provides the following Family Law services to our clients:

  Аdvice on family law and inheritance matters

  Divorce - Legal representation before the judicial authorities

  Partition of property - judicial and extrajudicial


  Consultation and legal assistance in adoption

  Development of bequests



Contract law

“Kupenov” law office provides the following Contract Law services to our clients:  

 Contracts for purchase and rental of goods, loan, production, services, leasing, donation, guarantees, employment contracts and others;

 Contracts for purchase and rent of real estate properties, provision of collateral through mortgage, preliminary contracts and others;

 Contracts between merchants, articles of association of different companies (limited liability companies, general partnership, limited partnership, joint-stock company, foundation and others), company bodies (managers, directors, oversight board and others) share transfers and others;

 Agreements and others.



Inheritance Law


“Kupenov” law office provides the following Inheritance Law services to our clients:

 Consultations regarding heritage disputes; 

 Preparation of wills in Bulgaria; 

 Submitting request and representation in the procedure of procurement and disputing a heritage deed; 

 Out-of-court submitting of inheritance claims, negotiations with the other heirs; 

 Locating, evaluating, ensuring and collection of heritages obtained in Bulgaria; 

 Procedure representation during inheritance disputes; 



Labour and Social security law

“Kupenov” law office provides the following Labour and Social security Law services to our clients:

 Consulting our clients with regard to their individual labor relationships;

 Drafting multilateral and individual labor contracts;

 Management contract;

 Elaborating internal regulations for labor and labor discipline;

 Advising our clients regarding the optimal arranging of labor relationships; 

 Settlement of labor disputes between employers and employees;

 Professional qualifacation and termination of labor relationships; 

 Compensations upon termination of labour relationship; 

 Pension and social security schemes;

 Representing our clients before the court with respect to the various aspects of the relations employer-employee.